Fourth corner of the States

Right after Cancun and Tulum, I headed off to Florida, USA. More specifically, Miami and Orlando. In short, I have been to the fourth corner of the country on my third visit to the States. (First, NYC and Atlantic City; Second, LA, Las Vegas// Seattle) Here are a few thoughts from me towards Miami. Food Gourmet […]

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Hóla, Mexico!

Before documenting my journey in Mexico, a quick question. WHERE exactly is Mexico? It is definitely located in Central America but C.America is not a continent! So, is it in the North or the South America? I can simply google the answer but there are too many variations. I would be immensely delighted if someone […]

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Georg Baselitz Wir fahren aus (We’re off) The exhibition is currently held at White Cube Bermondsey until 3 July. For more details, please visit . Am I an artistic person? No, I personally don’t think so. I am never passionate about artwork but I do occasionally go to exhibitions and art shows. Hence, there is this […]

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A place of heaven and hell

Genuinely speaking, my recent trip to Greece, more specifically, Athens and Mykonos, is a true heaven-and-hell experience. Why the contrast? The answer is very simple. I have survived the best and the worst. Athens – shit hole city The childhood me was heavily engaged with Greek myths. Apollo, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon etc. are no unfamiliar names. Therefore, to […]

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Hourglass Powders Reivew

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders The first and the original of the Hourglass Powders Range. The product has been hyped on the Internet for quite some years. Before indulging into the trio, I was skeptical about the product and was wondering if it is overly hyped. There are a few concerns for me when it comes […]

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#floraexplore Dresden

The journey kicked off by a prompt and spontaneous decision that was made in Prague. Turned out, Prague is slightly too small for 4 days. Thus, I shrunk my schedule and spent a day in Dresden during my stay there. I must admit the place where you have the least expectation always surprised you the most. […]

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#floraexplore Prague

Prague, the fourth stop of my 2015 solo travel. Before the trip began, I had so much expectations mainly is because I used to study some history about this city. The Prague Spring, the liberation of Czechoslovakia and obviously the works of Franz Kafka. Also, I had a mission this time when I went to Prague […]

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